We close on the townhouse tomorrow!

It’s so difficult to plan a move when you’ve only been in a place a couple times. In fact, we’re having some painting done before we move in and I haven’t even decided for sure which rooms need painting.

I feel like I’ve been running in place the last week or so but with the closing, things will finally move forward. I had plans to go to Denmark with Keith the week of the 6th but that’s NOT going to happen. We’ll actually move the week of April 14th and I’m so ready to have it done.

I had some questions about the vacuum I bought. We have an upright that Keith bought about 10 years ago – back when he did most of the vacuuming and I’ve always hated it. I bought a Kenmore Canister vacuum – it will be much easier to vacuum under furniture and on the stairs plus the controls are a lot easier reach/adjust on this one.

I’m fighting a cold and today seems to be the worst day so I don’t know how much I’ll get done. I feel like sitting in my chair wrapped in a quilt and doing a little knitting.


  1. And knitting is what you should do! Snuggle in with a quilt and a cuppa tea with lemon and brandy, maybe your Kindle mixed in with the knitting. Rest is certainly what you need, sorry this cold came along. I always wonder at how an exciting event such as the purchase of a new home turns out to be enough work and stress to knock your socks off! All before you even get the keys…:O) it’ll be “all good” very soon.

  2. I don’t think that anyone would deserve a pajama day more than you, Mary. Sorry you aren’t feeling well. Take the time to let you body catch up with your mind–reading and curling up with a quilt sounds like the best thing you could do!

  3. Good luck on the closing! Once you begin making the new townhouse your space, you will be inspired. Take care of yourself. Snuggle under a quilt with a good book, a hot drink, and your loyal dog. You’ll soon be yourself again.Take care,Becky in Georgia

  4. Sorry you’re getting sick…must be all that travelling, every time I get on a plane I get sick.Glad your closing is almost here, that’ll make it easier for you to get the rest of the stuff done for the move.Need some beads??? I have extras…LOL

  5. Your vacuum story is hysterical. It reminded me that for the 50 years my grandparents were married, my grandmother didn’t vacuum a single floor. She’d managed to convince my grandfather that since men designed, marketed, and built vacuum cleaners, that they were ergonomically designed FOR men, and as such would be detrimental for women to use in the long run. Whether he believed her or thought her argument showed so much ingenuity, he always vacuumed. Thanks for that memory. Feel better, and congratulations on the house!

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