It’s officially ours (and the bank’s)

We closed on the townhouse this afternoon. We have plans for some work in the kitchen and painting PLUS Keith took one look at the washer and dryer and gave me the go ahead to replace them. Of course, he also told me he’ll be traveling most of the 2 weeks before we move so he won’t be much help. BUT, I’ve talked him into a *sleep over* this weekend. We’re going to go clean and we’ll take sleeping bags and camp out in front of the fire.

I’m standing on our back deck that’s right off the kitchen – see the skyline! I don’t usually like photos of myself but here’s the 2nd one I’ve posted in a week.


  1. What a super idea! A sleep-over. That will be so fun! Glad you can go forward with making the town house your home.Becky in Georgia

  2. How exciting for you! New washer & dryer sounds good too. As my son says, who wants to use one with someone elses skin inside it!Loving your trees too!

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