Wonky trees

I’m participating in Tonya’s summer class but the plan was to wait until the move was done to start after all it’s just MARCH! My quilt will be made up of freeform pieced trees in autumn colors so I decided to pull the fabrics and put them aside so I can find them when we move – that way I can work on the quilt while I’m unpacking.

So first I pull an autumn print to use as a guide to pull fabrics for the trees.

Then I decide I have to just try one or rather two because I decided I’ll cut two at a time from squares or rectangles. (Nope, didn’t even iron that green square first!)

After piecing the first one (on the right) I realized I needed to cut down my tree a little before piecing the sides so I won’t lose my points in the seam allowances.

Then I had to make another set of two just for fun. As I go along, I’ll try different trees too.

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13 thoughts on “Wonky trees

  1. love the trees! adorable! as for denmark…if you can still go…GO, moving will be there when you get back. time with the dh is priceless! just my thoughts! ;o)laurie


  2. Mary,these are great. Try stacking three or four fabrics up and doing it too. That way you can play around a bit more if you want to trade tree trunks. Cut the pine tree triangle down by a quarter inchish on each side and you’ll have no worries. play play play.


  3. Ooh. These look like so much fun! I really wanted to try this but since I’m still working on Tonya’s class from last FALL I really need to finish that first before I can show my face in another of her classes. Keep up informed on your progress!


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