I’ve finalized the arrangements for having the townhouse painted – they should be able to do it next week and then I ran out to Sears and bought a washing machine and a dryer. I wanted the sexy ones in a bright color but in the end the ones that are going to work best for us are kind of boring….and white.

I ran into Joann’s to pick up some index cards – I want to try some card stock backings for my postcards and I found these cute gardening tools. This is the idea I’m going to try for my April postcard for our family exchange.

Finally, I just had to make more trees – my forest is growing!

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  1. Those trees really are terrific! You know, I was thinking how making the same block over and over is just NOT making the same block over and over when they are wonky like this. Do you have plans for the trees, or are you just having fun with them?

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