I’m so tired

We’re back at the apartment – our sleepover was fun but this cold is keeping me from sleeping. We spent all morning cleaning and then walked to a local bike shop – we’d decided we couldn’t live right on The Grand Rounds in Minneapolis (50 miles of bike and walking trails) without bikes.

I haven’t been on a bike in years and almost killed myself in the short stretch we had to ride on a busy road coming back from the bike shop. Luckily we made it safely to the bike path and from the townhouse – we can ride for miles on the trails without going on the roads at all.
We have more cleaning to do tomorrow but we’re hoping to get a bike ride in too.


  1. Mary,Get one of those “big butt” seats! LOL…I am not offending you of course…but I’ve heard they are comfy! OH…and I don’t think “big butt” is the right name for them! LOLLaurieps…hope you feel better soon!

  2. This move just keeps getting better and better, Mary! Not to worry about the bike riding…you’ll be a pro soon. Just think of the photo ops you’ll experience on the Rounds!(I was floating around blogger world yesterday…and ran across someone who had crocheted themself a bike seat cover. Quite cute!)

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