Winter is not over yet

They’re calling for 6-8 inches of snow today – believe it or not – I’m still enjoying it.

It may not look like it – but I’m making progress. This small 8×10 den is my biggest challenge with the move. We’re having the movers do our packing but other than a couple boxes in the longarm room and a couple boxes in my bedroom – this is the only room I feel a need to pack up myself. Since many of the files will stay in storage boxes, it makes sense to sort them now.

The painters come to the townhouse tomorrow at 7AM so I’m going to walk over now to put post-it notes on all the walls so they won’t get *confused* at which colors go where. Hopefully, I can get a haircut on the way over – no appointment but they can usually fit me in.

I love walking in the snow!

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  1. I’m glad someone is still enjoying the snow 🙂 I woke up to about 3-3 1/2″ on the ground this morning here in NE Nebraska and it’s kept snowing. Sometimes quite heavily. I’m glad you’re making progress on the packing up. We’ve lived in the same house for over 30 yrs. and moving would be a nightmare. House would be bad enough, but DH has two double garages full of stuff. The man doesn’t understand the concept of throwing things away when you clean, he just rearranges it all!!!Linda

  2. I left New York 39 years ago and beleive me I do not miss the snow. I am getting a chill just looking at the picture you posted. I doubt I will ever live any further north than Orlando.

  3. Well, we’ve had 60 degree weather in UT, but woke up to 3 inches of snow this morning!! I sure love how clean everything looks w/a fresh blanket of snow. Glad you’re enjoying yours!

  4. I think if I lived somewhere that we knew it was going to snow a lot and had the right kind of clothes and I didn’t have to drive in it, I would probably like to walk in the snow but for now, I am just plain tired of the cold and the mess.

  5. How much snow will it take before you’re tired of it??? Maybe you’re just one of the ones who will always like it.Glayou got the “cooties” out of the new house!

  6. Mary, You have no idea how I wish I could walk in some snow! But then, I might complain if I had to do it! I have voted, & I always read your blog, as I dont subscribe to bloglines. I love to vist, though it is very time consuming!

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