No progress today

No sleep last night and my cold seems worse so I didn’t accomplish much today. Tomorrow I meet with the painters to get an estimate for the new townhouse.

Deb decided we need to get back to doing a family quilt project. We’ve decided to do a postcard exchange and there are 7 of us participating. We’ll each make one card and get one card each month. I dug into my blue buttons again and made this one this afternoon while I was writing some instructions for Mom and I’m sending it to her. Since our first deadline is April 25th I might make mine before packing up the postcard stash.

avoidance? denial?

I had my sewing room clean 2 weeks ago – ready to be packed up even. Then I just had to make a log cabin quilt from my scrap bins (still only 2/3 assembled) and made a big mess.

Yesterday instead of assembling the rest of the blocks, I pulled fabric and started making my wonky trees. A couple more trees were made tonight and if that wasn’t enough I had to pull out my postcard stuff. These button flowers are from the book Fabric Leftovers and the background fabric was hand dyed by Deb. While I’m not completely happy with this first attempt, they are cute and I’ll try them again. After the move. Tomorrow I get serious about cleaning up and packing what I can.

It’s 1AM now and I’m going to bed – to read. I’m too stressed to sleep.

It’s officially ours (and the bank’s)

We closed on the townhouse this afternoon. We have plans for some work in the kitchen and painting PLUS Keith took one look at the washer and dryer and gave me the go ahead to replace them. Of course, he also told me he’ll be traveling most of the 2 weeks before we move so he won’t be much help. BUT, I’ve talked him into a *sleep over* this weekend. We’re going to go clean and we’ll take sleeping bags and camp out in front of the fire.

I’m standing on our back deck that’s right off the kitchen – see the skyline! I don’t usually like photos of myself but here’s the 2nd one I’ve posted in a week.

Wonky trees

I’m participating in Tonya’s summer class but the plan was to wait until the move was done to start after all it’s just MARCH! My quilt will be made up of freeform pieced trees in autumn colors so I decided to pull the fabrics and put them aside so I can find them when we move – that way I can work on the quilt while I’m unpacking.

So first I pull an autumn print to use as a guide to pull fabrics for the trees.

Then I decide I have to just try one or rather two because I decided I’ll cut two at a time from squares or rectangles. (Nope, didn’t even iron that green square first!)

After piecing the first one (on the right) I realized I needed to cut down my tree a little before piecing the sides so I won’t lose my points in the seam allowances.

Then I had to make another set of two just for fun. As I go along, I’ll try different trees too.

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We close on the townhouse tomorrow!

It’s so difficult to plan a move when you’ve only been in a place a couple times. In fact, we’re having some painting done before we move in and I haven’t even decided for sure which rooms need painting.

I feel like I’ve been running in place the last week or so but with the closing, things will finally move forward. I had plans to go to Denmark with Keith the week of the 6th but that’s NOT going to happen. We’ll actually move the week of April 14th and I’m so ready to have it done.

I had some questions about the vacuum I bought. We have an upright that Keith bought about 10 years ago – back when he did most of the vacuuming and I’ve always hated it. I bought a Kenmore Canister vacuum – it will be much easier to vacuum under furniture and on the stairs plus the controls are a lot easier reach/adjust on this one.

I’m fighting a cold and today seems to be the worst day so I don’t know how much I’ll get done. I feel like sitting in my chair wrapped in a quilt and doing a little knitting.

Sunday stashbusting and progress report

I didn’t get all the way through my list this week but other than getting a top quilted I did pretty well. I haven’t quilt finished the binding that was on the list either but it’s in the process of being stitched down.

Plus I bought a new vacuum – that task wasn’t officially on the list but I’d decided I’d buy a new one in time for the move. Our vacuum is terrible, old and not the best for trying to vacuum under furniture or stairs. The new townhouse has lots of stairs!


  • The log cabin blocks are completely from my scrap bins and I’m about 2/3 of the way through assembling the top.
  • The binding on the donated top from Sandra/Stashbusters is from my leftover binding bin.


  • No fabric purchases this week but I did buy some cotton yarn for more dishcloths. Joann’s had a sale and I got the 6 skeins for under $20.

Are you impressed with the diamond pattern I’m knitting? You knitters out there are probably laughing at me but remember – I only have very, VERY basic knitting skills but I’m having the fun with these dishcloths. The projects are so small I’m not afraid to try some new patterns that normally I wouldn’t attempt. This is one that Mom picked out for me to make her when I was at her house last weekend.