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I’ve found it very interesting to watch the polling results and read the comments on how you all manage the list of blogs you read. It seems that many of you feel the same challenge that I do of balancing your desire to visit a number of blogs without spending ALL your time on the computer.

I’ve realized a couple things that I hope will help me.

  1. by purging my bloglines, all I did was make it more difficult to find the blogs I like when I felt I had the time to spend reading them
  2. it’s ridiculous of me to allow being *behind* in my blog reading to stress me
  3. I also liked the idea of a routine …. morning blog reading with coffee….but since I doubt I can limit myself to once a day and am not a morning person, this one won’t probably won’t help me!

I decided I’d try Google Reader and create 3 folders to categorize blogs that I read from a daily to monthly basis. And when I get behind reading….I’ll just push the mark all read button and start fresh.


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  1. I really like Google Reader. I’ve also gotten smarter. If I read a blog and it consistently bores me, or worse, annoys me, I delete it. I get so much inspiration from blogs. What did I do without them?

  2. Hi MaryJust letting you know that I use bloglines and sometimes I just skim the posts (not yours though!) and look at all the pretty pictures.You know that you can also make folders in Bloglines? I have.You just click on Edit and then “New Folder”. Name it what you want and then move the blog name into it.

  3. I’ve been reading all the comments about bloglines, google stuff and don’t understand a word of it!! I have about 40 quilters that I check out regularly and enjoy doing that. Don’t think I could handle more. Have the blogs in my bookmarks.Hope your move goes smoothly. Lois

  4. I finally figured out bloglines and it seems to be working. Now, I will check it every day with my morning coffee. Your condo sounds great! Especially the location, views and all! Enjoy it!

  5. Mary- I read your blog but have never commented (love your quilts!) But all this talk of Google reader and bloglines has made me think I should look into it, so I thought I”d comment too. I usually just go down my bookmarks and click on each blog or sometimes I’ll go around a ring but these other options sound nice too-I do spend too much time on the computer-in fact lately I have hardly quilted at all!(or blogged for that matter-I’ve spent so much time reading other blogs). Now I’ll go see if I can figure out how to use Google reader-

  6. I use google reader. Though I check it in the morning with coffee and then again after doing the dinner dishes.

  7. I too felt burdened with “having” to read blogs. I have mine separated by days – (25 blogs a day) on bloglines, so I don’t favor the people who are alphabetically first – but I have given up on visiting them all on a timely basis. I did make it almost like a job too – feeling bad if I didn’t get to everyone. Now I just visit when I have the time, or feel like looking at some inspiration. That’s why I missed your poll. 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for the information. Guess I’ll have to get the young folks here to get me started. Sounds like a good idea.

  9. Very interesting comments. I will just stick to my method, & not feel guilt if I miss a few days. I generally catch up.

  10. Couldn’t get along w/o Bloglines, but it won’t come up at work so I can’t look at the odd blog during the day with any kind of logic. Did you put blogs into your own folders on Bloglines? I had mine organized but I’m looking forward to trying Google Reader, didn’t know anything about it. I always like to hear about the new technology on your blog. Maybe Google Reader will come up at work. Darn those school filters anyway lol.

  11. What a wonderful view of the skyline you have in your new place! Chesty will adjust when he finds his food bowl. I should ck out Google Reader. I use Bloglines now and like that lots. Your poll is very interesting, and I like your new plan. Good luck with your move!

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