1. Okay, I visit your blog at least once a day…direct from your sight. So don’t know how I missed the last couple of posts but I did…just have to add that I spend too much time on here, but find it hard once I start reading a blog to give it up, even if they don’t post for a month. I have finally started to eliminate some from my list that have not blogged in over a month….hmmmm…that would make an interesting poll. How long will people check a blog that doesn’t post regular.

  2. What do you consider early? I think any discussion, movement or critical thinking before 9:00 is uncivil. Unfortunately my employer disagrees!

  3. You are not whining, you are venting. That is good for releasing stress. Vent all you want. Destress yourself. That is what friends are for, to support each other in good times, and venting times!

  4. Moving is one of the top 5 life stressers (divorce, death, illness, and new job are the others – not sure of the order) If a little on-line-whining helps then whine away!Sio

  5. I love coming here-you always have something interesting going on and I don’t think you’re whining. Good luck with the painters.

  6. Be sure and share some pics with us of the colors that you chose.I hate mornings too! It is hard to come out of lala land. :0)

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