More of the same….

The painting continues and I’ll be up at 5:45am again tomorrow so I’m getting ready to head to bed. I did have a new desk delivered to the townhouse today – a smaller one – from Office Depot. The room the longarm is going into is small but I need some place to put the computer and a desk – hopefully they’ll both fit OK. I’ve got it almost assembled and need Keith to help me lift the hutch on top of the desk tomorrow. He’ll be back home in the afternoon but leaves again on Sunday for Denmark.

After all the discussion about how time consuming it is to click through the rings, I went into one tonight and saw the new RingSurf header – boy this makes it really quick to browse. I tried it out on the MQ Resource ring. If you haven’t visited the machine quilting forum created by Suzanne Earley, you should check it out – all quilters are welcome – not just those with longarms.


  1. Hey, that’s pretty cool! I’m so glad Ringsurf got rid of the black and orange color combo, that was a very ugly and unfortunate choice on their part.I think that back before RSS Readers were an option, surfing a ring was a really great way to keep track of blogs of like-minded folks. I think that it’s still a good thing to have a ring, to create connections with people, but I’m glad that we have readers like Google or Bloglines, and now the Ringsurf reader to help people manage their blog reading.

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