Gotta love those unsecured wireless networks…I’m *borrowing* someone’s wireless here at the apartment! Spent the day packing…..who knew an 8×10 room could hold so much junk! I’m piling stuff in the area off the kitchen as it gets packed or ready for the movers to pack and in the hall for things I’m going to take over tomorrow…my 2nd sewing machine, all my unfinished tops, my HeartStrings blocks for my anniversary quilt, my Wonky Trees!


  1. Oh gosh, I’m tired just looking at your pictures. In the three times we moved (not counting when we first married), two of those times were major company moves. THEY packed everything! What a spoiled way to move!!!! BUT I loved every minute of it. LOL!

  2. Best of luck with the move. I’ve not kept up with your blog while I’ve been a way so had sooo many posts to read. It looks like you have been busy as usual and have completed lots of wonderful quilts. Well done!! (I especially liked your crumbs & hearts quilt and your scrappy log cabin.)

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