Log cabin

I stopped in at Panera for lunch and to checking email. I’m walking over to the townhouse and I’ll see if I set the wireless up correctly yesterday. Comcast came and set up the internet and cable but I had to set up the router for the wireless.

I took an updated photo of these blocks assembled into a top on my balcony this afternoon but either I slipped the wrong card into my laptop before leaving home or they didn’t record to the memory card. This was another set of blocks that got stalled on my design wall and I was determined to have them assembled before the move. At any rate – this top is done….I only have one more sewing item on the list to be done before the move and that is to finish the binding on a HeartStrings quilt. If I find the photo of the finished top, I’ll post it the next time I’m online.

Tonight I have to disassemble a desk we aren’t taking with us and then Thursday I have people coming to the townhouse to clean the carpet. It’s so much easier to get painting and carpet cleaning done BEFORE the furniture is moved.


  1. I just love log cabin quilts. I have found, for some reason, my cabins seem to ‘warp’ as I sew, & I can’t work out why!Maybe I should try starching all my fabrics when I iron them. I have taken to washing & ironing all of them, before using them!

  2. So glad the move is coming along well Mary. That’s a really nice quilt. I’m a big fan of Log Cabin. I’ve made many myself as gifts. It’s always striking and people are always impressed with it because it looks complicated.

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