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I’m not surprised about the number of readers that visit but don’t comment since I can tell that from my blog stats but I am surprised that more people don’t use a blog reader service.

The biggest advantage in my opinion is that I don’t spend time visiting blogs that haven’t updated since my last visit….a disadvantage is that there’s a delay between a new post and the update on the reader service.

For those interested in checking into one – I’ve used Bloglines in the past and now I’m giving Google Reader a try. I like Google Reader better at this point than Bloglines but I’m not sure why because they are really very similar.

Thanks for responding!

Poll Results – 266 responses
26% read and comment from my blog’s homepage
23% use a blog reader service and come to the site to comment
45% read from my blog’s homepage but don’t comment
3% other options not listed

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  1. I didn’t use a blog reader service for the longest time, but that’s because I didn’t trust my technological skills. I was afraid I’d mess everything up if I tried one. I’ve come a long way — and I have discovered that Google Reader especially is very easy to get started.

  2. Thanks for doing the poll. It’s funny that I have the same ones who comment regularly on my blog but in my travels, I hear from so many who say they read it every day but never comment.

  3. I had never heard of a blog reader service. Some of us just are very technological or internet saavy. Anyway, after your post, I checked it out…and I love it. It’s so convenient. Thanx for talking about it!!

  4. Mary, I read your blog daily, sometimes checking in twice a day. I think I have made one or two comments, but normally, I do not leave one. Same with Judy L’s blog. I have to leave anonymous comments as Google Blogger will not take my identity. I have not tried reader yet as there are only about 12 blogs I check in with.I love your blog and all your beautiful work.Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

  5. Sorry to say that I did not respond to your poll. Just lazy I guess. Anyway, I used to use Bloglines but when I had computer problems in January, I lost it and cannot seem to get it back. Just yesterday I decided to give Google’s Reader a try and so far it is working just great. The blogs I read regularly are listed on my blog. Then I sometimes go around the rings – Stash, Maverick, etc.

  6. I just posted a comment and noticed that you cannot see my Blogger profile from that comment. Hmmm, I’m trying again.

  7. Thank you so much for mentioning the Google Reader. I did not know such a thing existed. I have been busy putting site addresses in and I really like it. Now in your current post you say that you did not get the snow much of the rest of MN did. I live about an hour north of the cities and we have about 9 inches of wet heavy snow. I would rather have had the rain. But this too shall pass. Thanks for the web site.

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