I’m ready!

I got through my to do list and now I’m ready for the packers to come tomorrow. Keith helped me take down my longarm, disassemble the table and we brought the machine over to the townhouse along with several other boxes with my sewing things. Doesn’t it look lonely sitting in the corner?

Since I brought the log cabin top, I just had to try a couple photos off the back deck. The first faces the city and in the second looking left, you see the other townhouses. We have empty flower boxes hanging on the railing that I’d intended to remove but I’m thinking about planting some flowers in them now. I even found a book on Container Gardening in the Midwest.


  1. Container gardens will provide color and a bit of screening from the outside (I don’t know if that matters to you or not 😉 I know I enjoy my patch of front yard screened from the street by forsythia – it’s like having a small green room).I do love the splash of color from your scrappy log cabin – it makes me smile.

  2. Yes, Mr. Gammie looks very lonely sitting in the corner all by hiself.Just don’t install faux flowers in your containers. Love the look from your balcony. The log cabin really turned out nice.

  3. Looks like a great neighborhood. You should definitely plant the boxes. Though the quilt is quite a fab decoration on its own!

  4. WOW…you have 2 excellent spots for pics…is your longarm going to be the first assembly project? ;o) Good luck with the move!Laurie

  5. It looks so lost and alone in its corner. Never mind. Not for long.If those balconies were in France, you wouldn’t be able to see the ironwork for red geraniums trailing from the flower boxes.Best of luck with the rest of the move and, yes, how’s Chesty?

  6. I was thinking I’d miss the beautiful balcony shots but the quilt display area is every bit as nice in the new place. The machine looks incongruous banished to the corner, I hope it’s up and humming soon. Are you stressed? You seem to be handling everything super well.

  7. Great spots for photos… and I would definitely plant flowers in the boxes, at least this first year so you know what does and doesn’t thrive. One of the things I love about the photos on Tonya’s blog (Paris pics) is all the beautiful flowers in windowboxes… and when I visited Finland (college was a long time ago), their balconies and railings all had colorful, vibrant flowers in windowboxes. Have fun!!

  8. Poor Machine and Poor Chesty and Poor Mary. So much change and work…but it will soon all be worth it. I think you’ll enjoy the container gardening. They’ve even got patio tomatoes that flurish. Enjoy!

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