Isn’t he pitiful?

Chesty decided to hide under the bed….

but I finally talked him into lying on the bed beside me…

and after the packers left, he ran to his usual perch.

These shelves seemed like a good idea a year ago but I may not think so when I have to reassemble them. Keith will be happy that I took them apart by myself before he got home from work.

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  1. He’s so cute. Isn’t it funny, even when they have their “mom” present, our furry family members can still be stressed by unusual happenings in the home. (I especially love the picture of him on the chair.)

  2. You’re making me feel really bad for Chesty! He’ll be fine but he’s downright pitiful right now. I’m such an awful parent, I don’t even remember what Speck did during our move.

  3. Poor baby… do you think he knows how pitiful he looks and is putting some of the pitiful on for show so you’ll snuggle him?I like the one of him in the sun too. 🙂

  4. poor chesty…at least he found solace in a quilt! go figure! those shelves are awesome but i bet putting them together is a pain!laurie

  5. Poor little guy. Moving is always traumatic for everyone. Thank goodness it’s almost over Mary. I do love those shelves-even though you’ll probably curse them a few times before you get them together. Before you know it you’ll be back to quilting.

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