I’ve had a few comments and emails from readers surprised that I’ve continued to blog. I admit after 2+ years of blogging – I’m addicted to it. In my everyday life I’m constantly thinking – “I’ve got to get a photo of this for the blog” or “I need to write about this on the blog”. I bet the other longtime bloggers are the same and once it becomes a habit it doesn’t take but a few minutes to write a brief note and post some photos.

So, here are today’s! I had wonderful suggestions to spend some time reading and cuddling with Chesty so I took about an hour this morning and started reading the new Benni Harper mystery by Earlene Fowler (thanks to Mom for sending it to me!). You can see Chesty is still kind of bummed but he’ll adjust – just don’t tell Keith that he curled up on his pillow!

Since I can’t unpack the kitchen or living room yet and Keith isn’t home to help me put the longarm table together, I started on the fabric shelves. The first is almost done….

I just need Keith’s help to muscle those last few pegs into place.

Speaking of Keith, forget all the nasty, terrible things I usually write about him (just kidding). He earned big points this morning by going over and cleaning the apartment by himself and has already done the walk thru. I can’t believe we escaped without any *deductions* or charges. I’ll admit there’s a ding or two in the walls in the sewing and longarm rooms.


  1. How glad will you be to be all settled in, have the longarm all put together and return to every day normal activities? What a nice guy that Keith is! You’d better keep him! 🙂

  2. Chesty looks just fine. I’m sure he’ll settle in soon. Your move has gone well. Won’t it be wonderful to get all unpacked so you can get back to quilting?

  3. Poor Chesty, as long as he has you and Keith, he will be fine. He does look really sad though.I love the pics of the new place!Wow! I am impressed with Keith for doing the cleaning on the apartment! He’s a keeper for sure but, I guess you already knew that. lol

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