Even though I thought we downsized significantly last year with the move to Minneapolis, we’ve still got too much stuff!

I couldn’t figure out why these last two moves were so *difficult* and then I realized I had just started quilting about a year and a half before we moved to Atlanta. I had one bookshelf with some fabric and my sewing machine. Now after 7 and 1/2 years I have too many quilting books to count, way too much fabric, the longarm and all the supplies that go along with it.

That’s my downtown view along with the truck.

They’re going to put in our countertops on Friday so we won’t even unpack the kitchen stuff, of course that means we can’t get the living room organized either.

The master bedroom and bathroom are completely unpacked! Sheets have been washed, the bed is made and I’m heading up there shortly to join Keith.

This is the sewing room and I managed to move all the stuff out of my way so I can reassemble my shelves against the far wall. Somehow my instructions to leave the entire middle and right side of the room empty didn’t get through!

I’m afraid to show the longarm room yet – it’s a tight fit and I’ll wait until I get the table set up to show you.

Thanks for all the comments and well wishes on the move – I appreciate all the encouragement.

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  1. You are doing great with the move! Just set aside some time each day to unpack boxes, some for sewing or reading or whatever. It will get done before you know it!

  2. Hope you get the table turned right this time! If I recall correctly… you accidentally set up your Gammill table “backwards” and didn’t quite have the machine facing the direction you desired. 🙂

  3. Bit of a mammoth task there, but at least you are young, & have energy! I shudder to think of rearrangement, let along moving! LOL!

  4. wow, what a job, I hope this is your last move for sometime. Love the green bedroom wall, I have something similar in my lounge. Good luck with the unpacking. Look forward to more piccies as you progress.

  5. Hooray – you’re in!! The unpacking will soon get done, Chesty will relax into his new space and all will be well with the world 🙂Just takes some time and stress getting there!

  6. It all looks so organized. It must be the quilter in you.If the bed is made, you can access a pot to make coffee/tea, then life is good. The phone can order in, and boxes make great tables in a pinch. In the garden of life, you are a sweet potatoe, so all will be green and cheery for you.Nanci

  7. Seeing the boxes made me shutter a bit. I HATE moving and me made a major one last July. We are still dealing with boxes…UGH. I bet it feels good to be in though and getting settled.

  8. Congrats on completing the move. It must feel wonderful to own your own place again. Take it slow; Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take some time for just you and Chesty.

  9. The worst is over. Now you can take your time unpacking and arranging things to suit you. As for having too much stuff, I always say it’s taken my whole life and lots of hard earned money to amass it all–someone else can deal with it when I’m no longer kicking and breathing. Looking forward to more pics of your new place. Linda

  10. Mary,I’m right there with you! We moved last week…or should I say we started moving last week. DS had the flu when we started the move and DH got it in the middle of it. We’re only moving about 1/2 mi so doing it ourselves w/family help. The old house is mostly empty and our bedrooms, kitchen and lr are mostly back together. Still have odds and ends to do on them. One closet, the new “quilting studio” (former formal lr) and garage are still a mess. We too moved to a smaller home and w/DS, DDIL and 2 DGD’s moving w/us had wayyy to much stuff.

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