Kitchen remodel

Because I don’t have enough stress in my life, we’re doing some remodeling. The painting was first and today they’re putting in the new counter-tops. Here’s a before photo for you.

Life is easier now that I’m not running back and forth between here and the apartment. I’m heading upstairs now to assemble the 2nd set of fabric shelves.


  1. Ohh! You have a beautiful kitchen!! Maybe I didn’t take such a close look at previous photos… or maybe it’s because I’m planning out the shopping list with my husband and thinking kitchen-related thoughts.Or maybe… it’s because mine is small and a huge mess right now, and I really want that island! 😀

  2. your new countertops look beautiful…oops, I just realized you didn’t post them here. Oh well, when you do post the after pics, everyone will see how gorgeous they are and how well they go with the rest of your kitchen.

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