New kitchen counters

There’s a lot of light in my kitchen and I think that makes these counters look a little lighter than they actually are – the last photo is probably darker. The plumber comes back Sunday morning to hook things back up. I still have to redo the tile backsplash but I haven’t decided on the tile yet.


  1. Nice counters! I discovered (much to my husband’s chagrin) that our counters are JUST right for me to cut on! (well…WITH a mat!) occasionally I DO clean them off…but they are SO tempting!

  2. Gorgeous counters! We replaced our cream-colored ones with black granite a year ago and I was very worried about the darkness. But the kitchen gets lots of light and the counter just sparkles! I love being in the kitchen now.

  3. Gorgeous!!! You’ll be so glad that you did it now rather than later or never…when everything (old) starts to look “just fine.” 😉

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