Slow progress

Can you see all the boxes in the bathroom in the far right corner?? Those have all been emptied now.
Keith wants to know how long the fabric will stay neatly folded. Probably not long enough to make it worthwhile to fold it all so carefully. Having to unpack all this fabric is a good incentive to continue my stashbusting efforts.


  1. Mary,Keep up the organizing as you go. I love the wall of shelves, and I love those shelves.OK, question. What material is your kitchen counters out of? Reminds me of the counters I picked out when we remodeled our last house.Know wonder you are snapping at each other – moving and remodeling at the same time. I know it makes sense, but both are stressful things. Take a deep breath, it will all be worth it soon.Vicki

  2. Beautiful granite tops on counters. Your shelving has been shown to my husband and when he builds my new room in the fall it will include that type of shelving.It’s looking good, you just need to work harder.lolI don’t know how you get so much done, what a job…Nanci

  3. You guys are making so much progress. I remember when we moved 6yrs ago … I had 27yrs of stuff. I think I need to move again. LOLYour new home is going to be so nice and organized.

  4. Great work mary!!! I know it’s exciting to get the sewing room unpacked…as for being short with each other…that’s normal! Take some time to enjoy a walk together or something today!hugslaurie

  5. It’s looking good! The empty boxes mean you’re making progress!When I was re-organizing my fabrics last week, Vince asked me how often I refold and fondle that fabric! Not often enough! 🙂

  6. You’ll have your new home unpacked and livable by the end of May…then the two of you can return to your regularly scheduled life!

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