San Diego

A restful couple days so far – walking a bit along the bay, sitting by the pool and lots of reading. The Kindle is so great on trips – as many books as I can read in one small package! Here’s the view of the bay and marina from our hotel room.

Chesty hasn’t boarded since the beginning of December so I called to check on him. He’s been pretty unsettled by the move and I was worried about leaving him but Keith said he ran right in when he dropped him off. Today, he was resting out of the camera’s view but they picked him up so I could see him.

12 thoughts on “San Diego

  1. Oh don’t you love San Diego … my most favorite spot in the world. My mother lives there so I visit a couple times a year.Our Buddy Butte died 3 yrs ago. He was never boarded … had friends take care of him. So I don’t know a thing about boarding.Have fun.


  2. Is it my imagination or are the other dogs looking up at Chesty wishing they were the ones being picked up for the camera? 🙂 How awesome that you can check on him from afar AND be able to share the photo with us! Enjoy that view…


  3. Sounds like a pretty great place that Chesty is spending his time. Visits with his people? That’s pretty great!Love the view…blue as far as the eye can see!


  4. Love the marina area..that’s always where we stayed too…almost bought a boat there, but found another we liked better in Vero.The day care probably seems secure to Chesty after the new move. He’ll adjust, it just takes a little time.


  5. Chesty looks so cute! Is the worker on the phone with you? As Julie says, it looks just like the other cute dogs are wishing they were the ones who were being held up for the cam. So cute.


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