I’m frustrated but…

At I’m least I’m finally quilting again! I thought I had things ready so I could just load a quilt but I ended up running around looking for things, my power cord for the bobbin winder, my side clamps, my tape measure and then when I was ready to load the quilt – I realized the backing wasn’t pieced.

Finally, I got the quilt loaded and started quilting and the vibration while I’m quilting is bad. I checked the table – it’s pretty level (just a hair off but that was as close as I could get it in the apartment too) so that’s not the cause. The machine moves freely along the tracks when it’s not on so I’m guessing the wheels on the carriage or the wheels on the machine itself need adjusting due the move. I played with it a bit and maybe noticed a tiny improvement but not nearly good enough. I need to research this a bit and see if I can figure it out.

In the meantime, I’ll keep quilting – the stitches look pretty good except for occasional small bobbles that aren’t too noticeable (like the one in the photo below in the yellow strip).

I really hate this….I just want my machine running well without this vibration.

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  1. Hey Mary, not that I’m an expert by any means. I had a BAD vibration issue and it ended up being the take up rollers weren’t the same height, meaning I forgot to crank the one back down after finishing the previous quilt. Once I did, the vibration stopped. UGH – Just one more thing to remember.

  2. did you slide three business cards between the vertical lock magnet and the table and then between the horizontal lock magnet and the runner? sometimes moving a machine around can wiggle them loose and they get too close to the table as you sew.

  3. Sounds like your machine is ‘out of sorts’ following the move, just like Chesty!! Hope you soon get it resolved because there is nothing more frustrating than something mechanical or technical that is not cooperating 🙂

  4. Hope it will be an easy adjustment/s for you, Mary. It is frustrating when your machine just doesn’t feel like you know it should…and nobody knows it like you do! If you need, don’t hesitate to phone your dealer…they more than likely have had people moving machines and know those minor little quirky adjustments that can make a difference.Best wishes!

  5. Mary,I HATE it when I finally get back downstairs to quilt and something goes wrong. It certain blows all of the fun out of it when you have to play detective and find out what’s wrong. Good Luck w/it!!

  6. HI Mary, I don’t have any tips for you, but just wanted to commiserate. That is SO annoying! I hope you get it straightened out pronto!

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