National Volunteer Week – April 27 – May 3

We’re home and as I was flying from San Diego yesterday, I read that this week is National Volunteer Week. So although my house is a mess and I have boxes left everywhere to unpack, I’m going to focus this week on my HeartStrings quilts and end the week with a Sew-in on Saturday May 3rd.

I’ve already pulled a top pieced by Nancy and her group that’s been waiting for quilting and I’ll load it on the longarm and get started.

My goal will to quilt 3 HeartStrings tops and finish the binding on another HeartStrings quilt I quilted a few months ago (I blame the move for it taking this long to finish it up!)

By the way, Chesty is home – he’s exhausted from his stay in the kennel so he’s resting now.

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  1. That Chesty has been partying all week too. No wonder he is tired.When my westies, Wilson goes to the kennel, he talks so much that he loses his voice…glad you are back home and quilting once again.

  2. Thanks for the Volunteer Week info! We have an already-scheduled worknight but I think I’ll advertise it to the list with a mention of Volunteer Week and maybe we’ll get more people.

  3. Chesney must have found a girlfriend at the kennel. Of course, he missed you alot too.Volunteer week … I have several quilt tops in the charity queue I can work on.So glad you’re home after your relaxing vacation. Say did you go to Rosie’s Calico Cupboard shop?

  4. Hmmm, I’m pretty slammed this week and in the middle of two other projects, but maybe I can carve some time out to work on a charity quilt…I’ll get back to ya!Glad you were able to relax some while on the West Coast! Happy Quilting!

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