Quilt #2

Thanks for all the concern for Chesty – he’s still resting and will occasionally take a lick of one of those ice cubes in his bowl if I hold it up for him.

I loaded the 2nd of 3 donated HeartStrings tops I plan to get quilted for National Volunteer Week this afternoon. This is another top pieced by Nancy and her group.

I decided to quilt some freehand swirls on this one and add some echoing like one of the designs in Dawn’s Pajama Quilter workbook – mine aren’t too bad in spite of the machine vibration and my quilting being a little rusty but they could definitely use more practice.


  1. I was just catching up on some blog reading and read that Chesty has been sick – poor little guy – I hope he feels better soon. It’s heartbreaking when they are sick as they can’t tell us what hurts. Ben & I both hope he’s feeling better real soon!

  2. Chesty darling Tippy sends her love and hopes you are feeling better soon. Mary your freehand swirls are they continuous? I mean you don’t have to start/stop alot do you. OK how do you do them? I love the look.AND I took in one of your strippy quilts to quilt group this morning … 2 of the ladies who winter in Florida went crazy over it.

  3. If that’s what your rusty quilting looks like, then your practiced swirls must be totally awesome! Those look great.Hope Chesty perks up soon.

  4. Could Chesty be feeling tramatized by the move? Poor little guy looks so sad. I hope your love and attention will get him back to his normal self quickly.

  5. Aww… my heart breaks for Chesty… he’s looking so sad! I hope he’s better soon with all the TLC you’re giving him.Great quilting! love the swirls!

  6. Glad he seems to be on the mend. I think your swirls look great! What’s the next UFO planned for the Stashbuster challenge? You are climbing that list!

  7. Please give Chesty a hug from me & little Lilly. I hope he’s back to his old self soon – I’ve been thinking about him. I’m really thinking I need to order Pajama Quilter Reloaded. I have her first DVD and loved that one, but your (and others) rave reviews are really pushing me over the edge! The swirls look great!

  8. Mary – I think the swirls look awesome! I also love the colors in the quilt – very bright. Hope Chesty is getting better

  9. Love those swirls!! Big hug to Chesty – hope he’s feeling all better soon.Now I need to get off the computer and finish piecing my first Srippie so I can be ready to quilt along with you tomorrow 🙂

  10. popping in to say sorry to hear Chesty has been ill-I hope by now he is much, much better. your quilting looks great Mary!

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