Quilt donations

I had a email from Beverly in PA telling me that she’d made two quilts using my Quick Strippie instructions – these quilts will be donated to Hospice patients through her guild. I also received a package from Barbara in Florida with tops that I will quilt and donate through HeartStrings.

One of my favorite things about blogging has been meeting other quilters who have the same desire as I do to make and donate quilts that comfort those in need. Thanks for sharing your quilts Beverly and Barbara!

Chesty is still ill, not vomiting but not eating and very lethargic. He’s sleeping right now and I’m hoping he’ll feel like eating soon – I fixed some chicken and rice for him last night.

On the unpacking front – we’ve finally given up on being able to arrange the living room like we wanted and are in the process of making do. One of the things I dislike about moving is that furniture bought to fit in one living space usually doesn’t work so well in another.

3 thoughts on “Quilt donations

  1. I hope Chesty is back to his old self soon!Ugh on the furniture. I hope you find a good solution soon. I have never liked the layout of our living room and it’s furnishings. In fact, we have two reclining lawn chairs in there now as we threw away the couch. I need to keep looking for a good replacement.


  2. Hope Chesty feels better soon (then you will, too).Love the colors in those strippy quilts – I am planning to use that pattern for a quickie quilt for my MIL (was supposed to be for Mother’s Day but will now be for her birthday in September…)Take care!


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