I have a serious lack of artistic talent!

I interrupted my unpacking for the trip to San Diego last week and then chose to focus on Heartstrings quilts this week in honor of National Volunteer Week but I was craving some time in my sewing room.

If you’ve followed my blog for any time, you know I don’t make art quilts – I’m kind of a paint by the numbers girl – give me a traditional block and I can usually make a fairly decent looking quilt. Last fall I started making postcards and am trying to venture out of my comfort zone a bit. While I wouldn’t call this *art* this first postcard I made today is simple but kind of cute…

This 2nd one however didn’t quite live up to my *artistic* vision. It’s kind of based on a much more artistic quilt made by Mary Stori in her new book. She beaded multi colored felt strips to her background and sewed buttons in the breaks. Since things are beginning to green up around here I decided to go with a SPRING theme. The edges haven’t been stitched yet because I can’t find my blue thread.In case you’re wondering WHY I can’t find my blue thread – this is what my sewing room looks like tonight….do you think I need to finish unpacking and organizing it before I try to sew anything else?


  1. Mary, I think your postcards are adorable. You may be a paint-by-the-numbers gal, but you sure do it well and always use such good colors! Your sewing room looks normal. If it is too neat, then no work is getting done.

  2. I like both your postcards! I think you think you’re not artistic because you see what that wonderful sister of yours does but if you compared yourself to me, you’d consider yourself pretty darned artistic!

  3. I haven’t been to your blog recently due to things in my life, but I read back and kind of caught up with your move. I’m glad Chesty is doing better, and that you are settling in. I’m also sitting here in awe that you feel that you are not artistic. You create such beautiful things, that it is a new thought to me. Maybe, you would have a hard time painting a mural, but you could certainly beautify that wall with what you create. By the way, I had never heard of anything like Google Reader until now, so I’m going to try it. Thank you.

  4. I love both of your post cards. Great color ideas in each. Wish I had taken a picture of my sewing room yesterday. I could barely see the top of my cutting table, let alone find thread. Today will include more cleaning time than sewing time I believe. Good luck with unpacking, you’ll feel better when it’s done.

  5. Brilliance is often a messy business. Besides now I can feel better about my hovel. Love the postcards. Very sweet.Wish you were closer so I could discuss the Kindle. My birthday is coming up and I have my eye on it. Are you still happy with it?

  6. No artistic talent? PUH – LEASE!! 🙂 I absolutely love the newer things you’ve been doing. In fact, your blog inspired me to learn how to knit again (still working on it!) and it also inspired me to break out of the quilting box and start learning some other crafts….I hope to start on postcards eventually.My sewing area used to look like that on a regular basis, until we put our house on the market! I’m amazed at how much more I can get done now that I know where everything is 😛 ~Jessica

  7. great job on the postcards! i also love your pajama quilter flowers…you did a SUPER job! As for your sewing room…almost ALL of us have a room that looks just like that! ;o)hugslaurie

  8. looks like your old room to me…….. Seriously, love the postcard…I have to look for those rubbings!

  9. Well, you do have a bit of sorting-out to do. Love those shelves! Were they custom? Lucky you – this will be a fabulous studio. And, BTW, I love the blue and green postcard – especially the little bee in amongst the flowers.

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