Rain, rain go away!

I’d hoped if I worked this afternoon, the rain would go away and I could walk downtown for some exercise and dinner but it’s still raining so I’ll probably just stay home.

This is another HeartStrings top pieced by Nancy and her group and the last of this first group to go back to them for binding and donating. (The pantograph is Happy Times – to see the quilting better click on the photo to enlarge it.) I don’t usually quilt donation tops and return them – most of the ones I do, I finish and donate myself – but I like working with this group of quilters, after all their church is named St. Mary’s……

It’s finally starting too look like spring around here – the grass and trees are greening up.

Look at those plantings – I didn’t have to do a bit of work and I don’t have a clue what’s there in but I’ll make sure to take some photos when stuff blooms.

Someone is watching from the door trying to figure out what I’m doing outside without him.

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  1. You have a church named after you??? How nice!! LOL….you’re such a wonderful person for donating so many quilts, as well as the quilting. Love your new place.

  2. What a lovely neighborhood; it looks very picturesque, with the sidewalk winding by all those lovely buildings. Your townhouse is very pretty. Ready-made landscaping – what a deal!

  3. Hi Mary, your new townhome looks wonderful! Love that syle. I hope you will be very happy there. And I love seeing the pics you post of MN.

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