The sun is shining

We have a neighborhood party to go to this afternoon but it was too pretty to NOT take the bikes for a short ride. The sun is shining and it’s in the mid 50’s here so we rode across the river to Boon Island Park.
We found a quiet spot by the river to spread the quilt and sit in the sun for a bit. We’ve both been traveling the last couple weeks and haven’t had much time together.

Isn’t this a great view of downtown?

I’m going to try and get some labels made and Kathy’s top loaded before we leave for the party.

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8 thoughts on “The sun is shining

  1. What a beautiful day and view of the city. I wish I had a bike .. guess I’ll have to buy my own. DH looks very relaxed on the quilt. Have a wonderful day and fun at the party.


  2. Looks like a gorgeous day! I looked for you at MQS but it was pretty quiet while I was there.I don’t recall seeing Deb’s quilt. It looks like a happy quilt!Laurie


  3. Sounds like a pretty grand day! Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in your new surroundings!(Love the quilt on the railing in the next post! Looks just as sweet as flowers!)


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