Flower boxes

I know you all will probably be disappointed but I decided since I’m not a gardener, that I’d put potted plants on the deck rather than planting the flower boxes. So here’s the first quilt (or maybe it’s the 2nd one) on the new deck. This goes back to Nancy and her group along with 4 other quilts to bind and donate.

How bizarre is this?? This photo is horizontal but each time I upload it – it turns itself vertical…blogger must be having a problem.


  1. I’m not a gardener either. Our real estate agent suggested I put some annuals in our flower boxes last month – they’re already dead…sigh.Blogger was turning my pictures all weird the other day, too. Not all of them, just some. Go figure. ~Jessica

  2. I don’t garden though I have the garden area. Husband does that when he feel accomodating. This year we are doing it natural…

  3. I miss not having a garden this year…too much to do with the move. Last year I had potted herbs and tomatos! This year I’ll have to hunt the Farmers Markets…The quilt looks lovely. Even sideways!

  4. It looks charming, even on it’s side, and the quilt is a beauty.I can see myself out there with a book and a cup of herb tea. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of new quilts out there in the sunshine.

  5. Love the quilt. I’ve been quilting 16 years and I’m still amazed at how wonderful all those different fabrics look together. LOL at the photo!Marianne

  6. I was worried that I was losing it when I was trying to look at your sideways picture. Either that or thinking you were losing it for making us crick our necks to look at it.Potted plants sound good to me!

  7. The quilt is a beauty whether on its side or up right or even if it was upside down…it would not detract from the quilt.

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