1. Glad you’ve at least isolated the source of the vibration…that’s half the battle.I posted about those clamps today too….aren’t they great?Good job on the quilt, very pretty.

  2. Mary,Do you have a pic of your machine without a quilt loaded? I’m wondering if I could use those clamps and avoid pinning the top/bottom to the leaders…It would save a LOT of hassle/time and I wouldn’t have to worry about wrinkled batting.Laurie

  3. I love that Heartstrings is taking all quilts for donation 😉 The one in the pic is suprisingly nice color combination. I would have never deamed of putting that aqua with the brown and yellow – but it works! 🙂I hope your machine is back to normal soon! I still have a very old UFO top that I believe my mother made and considering donating…however it is very ugly and old and smelly…? I guess worst case I could ship it and if you didn’t think it was usable “YOU” could throw it away for me since I just can’t. LOLLove from Texas! ~bonnie

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