Machine vibration

I think I’m closer to solving the vibration issue – I made an adjustment to the front wheels on the machine after speaking to a woman at the Gammill booth which made it a LOT worse. This was a good thing however because it let me know I was on the right path. I made a second adjustment and the vibration is better but still there. I know it’s something that occurred during the move because it wasn’t there before so I’m hoping with some more tweaking I can get it back to pre-move condition.

Can you see the white clamps in this next photo? This quilt belongs to Kathy, a member of HeartStrings and this morning when I was struggling to get it positioned for quilting – I decided to try out these new clamps from Tomorrow’s Heirlooms that I bought at MQS. I usually only do a full float on my really small donation quilts (crib size) and do a partial float on all the others. Who knows, after this I may start doing full floats on all of them.

Here’s a peak at the quilting – it’s a pantograph called Plumage from Willow Leaf Studio.


  1. You won’t like this, but maybe the upper floor in the new house isn’t as sturdy as the apartment flooring?? and there will still be a slight vibration? I know in an old aptmt we lived in years ago the guy had a rowing machine and it shook the whole place. They made him stop using it…it really shook!Keep trying!

  2. Good luck getting the vibration issue solved. Sounds like you at least now know which path to take towards solving the problem. Those clamps look pretty interesting. Like you, I do a partial float and will be interested in hearing if you switch everything to a full float.

  3. I’m quite new to longarm machine, so what does it mean when you said you half float and full float? Do those clamps keep the quilt on top of the rails without attaching the quilt to fabric leaders?

  4. I continue to be amazed at the difference with BEFORE and AFTER quilting! You really do a wonderful job!Good luck with the vibration situation.

  5. My Premier is on a cement slab and there is a certain place that I get vibration, but I can’t seem to figure out why. When I do a full float, I tuck the top in between the rollers along with the batting and they seem to bond much better for me.

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