1. Maybe you are just exhausted from moving and traveling and life in general. We all have our down times. After you finish playing with photoshop and your webcam, maybe you can play with word and make a list. If it’s a list of what you’ve accomplished I’ll bet it takes a while.

  2. LOL Mary…I totally get it! That was me yesterday! A GREAT glass or 2 or 3 of wine! Took away my pain! ;o)HugsLaurie

  3. There can’t be hills without valleys! Every creative person I know walks in the valleys sometime, the next peak will come. Take a minute and enjoy the peace as you gear up to go up the next hill!!

  4. I’d say that the creative funk moment had its correct timing. Playing on the computer and photoshop had a great result. The picture looks great, captive to a perfect moment in time of thinking and reflecting. Just one question are you going to frame the shot. I sure hope you do.Cheryl

  5. I would agree – we all go through a lull or funk time..recharging your batteries is a good thing. Birthdays can trigger all sorts of responses-hope your day is special despite Keith having to be gone.hugs

  6. Don’t worry, you just have to recharge your creative juices….looks like you are refilling the tank in this picture! LOL!!!!!!! Oh and Happy Birthday to us! I still marvel at how our birthdays, anniversarys and kids birthdays are so similar!!!!! Happy, Happy and Many more!

  7. That is a great picture!! I got worn out at work today and was thinking how good some wine would taste, but sigh, there was none around. How did you do those crinkles at the outer section of the photo? The photo really does look nifty.

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