A good day

Isn’t this a gorgeous sky? Keith and I went for a long walk this morning to visit the Basilica and Loring Park and then back home to work a bit. I’m almost finished quilting the green double 4 patch quilt and it should be ready to bind tomorrow. We had some afternoon storms and I captured this photo after the rain stopped.

I had a surprise before we left – a flower delivery – a present for my birthday from Keith. I think I confused everyone with a previous post – I’m feeling sorry for myself in advance – my birthday is Monday and that’s when he’ll be gone.

Finally, I tried some ribbon embroidery tonight for the first time. I’m still fascinated with crazy quilting although I’m only reading about it right now. I decided that I could practice some embroidery on postcards until I had time to start a crazy quilt project. Hopefully I’ll improve with some practice!

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7 thoughts on “A good day

  1. The sunset is beautiful, and the flowers are very pretty. I hope that you keep to your plan to treat yourself tomorrow. The quilting store and lunch sound like a nice birthday plan. I have never done ribbon embroidery, but yours looks great. The flower almost looks real. Have a happy birthday.


  2. The ribbon work is beautiful! Can’t wait to see more. I don’t know much about crazy quilts, obviously they used that on them right? LOL, showing my lack of knowledge!! The flowers are beautiful too!


  3. LOVE the postcard, Mary! Well done. I love it when I see someone using a very age old technique in a new, contemporary twist. It’s lovely!You have a wonerful day tomorrow! I’ll be thinking of you!!! So really…you’re not “alone!” Make it good! 😉


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