Our ride didn’t go as planned

but in spite of a couple mishaps we still managed to ride 11 miles and have our picnic, we just ended up at a different park than we originally planned.

This photo is NOT of one our the mishaps but as we ride along the grand rounds we have to detour around the site of the I35 bridge collapse – this pile of twisted metal seems to be from the old bridge. (I don’t know WHY blogger is turning this photo again..what a pain)
We ended up back at Boon Island which is fast becoming one of my favorite spots – it’s quiet, there’s plenty of shade…..

and a great view of the Mississippi!

I also managed to finish up the quilting on the green double 4 patch – I might even trim it and get the binding sewn on later today if I’m feeling industrious but I’m kind of in the mood to play so I might do another postcard.

8 thoughts on “Our ride didn’t go as planned

  1. mary,love the pic of the sky after the storms! it looks like the sky is smiling! Also, what lqs are you going to??? Have a happy bday tomorrow…you deserve it!!!laurie


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