Birthday Wishes

Thanks to everyone who wrote and wished me a happy birthday! It’s been a very nice day even though I’ve spent it alone and to make it even better, I just got an email from Keith saying he should be home by 7PM and he’ll take me to dinner. So lots of whining all week about nothing!

I did manage to get out to the Four Seasons Quilt Shop in Plymouth, MN – Jeanne recommended I visit it. I’ve been a good little stashbuster for most of the year but I was running low on some of my staples…backgrounds, blues, and reds….the woman at the shop commented that I must be doing patriotic quilts but no…I’ve just found that blues and reds are my favorites for borders and bindings on my scrap quilts and they work well with our HeartStrings quilts too. I’ve also wanted to try Mary Ellen’s Best Press so I picked up some of that too.

When I got home I found this massive gift basket from Keith – filled to the brim with all kinds of bath goodies…have I mentioned how much I love taking a bath with a glass of wine and a good book? Thanks Keith!

And one other gift was waiting to be opened too from my Mom. I’d mentioned that I’d been wanting to try some of the new silicone bakeware and now I have an entire set. Thanks Mom!


  1. Sounds like a PERFECT day so far and of course Keith being home is the BEST!!!The lqs trip looks like it was very successful as well!Laurie

  2. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful birthday. Oh, that basket looks like it’s full of lavender . . my favorite! Y’all have a wonderful dinner and enjoy every minute of your birthday evening!

  3. Woohooo, looks like you racked up big time. What a fun trip to the quilt shop AND dinner cooked for you too. Have a wonderful, mahhhvelous birthday!

  4. Sending wishes for a very Happy Birthday to you, Mary. I’m glad you were able to find some fabric at Four Seasons Quilt Shop. You made great selections. *s* Such nice gifts from Keith and your mom, too. Enjoy the rest of the evening!

  5. Happy Birthday, Mary! Am I the only one who sees chocolate when I look at that bakeware? It seriously looks edible.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! I’m glad Keith made it home to take you to dinner, but if he hadn’t, the basket would have made up for it! :o) I’ll be curious to hear how you like baking with the silicone pans…I’ve never tried them.

  7. Happy Birthday Mary. Glad you had a good day after all and that Keith got home in time for dinner. What a great basket from your hubbie! Don’t drop that Kindle in the water. And please give us a report on the cook ware.

  8. Now you’re set for a wonderful day of quilting, baking some goodies and then have a luxurious bubble bath with a glass of wine! Enjoy!

  9. Happy birthday!! Sounds like it went really well. What a perfect birthday surprise that Keith was able to come home and take you to dinner. You deserved it!

  10. How wonderful that you had a nice birthday Mary, I’m sending you lots and lots of virtual birthday hugs.*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  11. Mary, Looks like the perfect birthday to me. Love all the gifts and glad you made it to the fabric store. That always makes me feel better.Diane in Alaska

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Mary – soory I’m late – and you told me last week, geesh!you are gonna love the new silicone bakeware set! Yeah mom! :)I have a bread loaf pan and want more…Everything about it is great. Easy to clean, store, it’s not heavy…be sure and share a photo of anything you make the 1st time 🙂 Love froum Texas! ~bonnie

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