1. I hope you enjoy Toronto! I lived in the ‘burbs for several years (North York area) but for the last 14 years we’ve been living north of the city. I’m dying to move back but so far hubby is resisting my whining … I mean my polite requests!

  2. I travel weekly to Toronto for business and stay downtown. Let me know if would like restuarant or shopping recommondations. There is one small quilt shop that you can get to easily by subway from where you are and its in the middle of some wonderful shops and bakeries.Ama

  3. Thanks Mary for the photo postcards! You take us to many places that I’ve never visited before! 😉 Love from Texas! ~bonniePS – David broke our digital camer last night so I’m gonna try and search my favorite bloggers to see what they use… I think you posted about your camera around birthday time last year… 😉

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