I’m home!

Rather than focusing on what I HAVEN’T done today – unpacking, laundry, and going through the mail and bills that came while I was gone – I’ll focus on what I have done!

I did run to the post office and mail off the RWB HeartStrings blocks to Sue, mailed a quilt top I purchased on eBay several years ago that will be finished by Faith in the UK, and a DVD to Chris with photos from his Memorial Day trip to Minneapolis that he forgot to take home with him.

I picked up Chesty from boarding – he’s very tired and has been quietly sleeping while I quilt.
I had this donated top from Barbara in FL loaded before my trip so I quickly quilted it with loops and stars and it’s already unloaded, trimmed, and ready for me to bind. Once it’s done, it will go to Alycia who has a goal of 100 Quilts of Valor for delivery in 2009.

I loaded this donated top from Deborah in MD and it’s ready for quilting. She sent along a pieced back which is nice – I usually piece backs just before I’m ready to load a quilt but that does slow me down some since I’ve been known to procrastinate piecing a back and loading a quilt.

And finally, I washed and dried the Double 4 Patch that I finished before my trip so it’s ready to be sent off when it’s time.

One of my problems here in the townhouse is I don’t have a good place to measure and cut my batting. I do have a generous size closet to store it downstairs just outside the room with the longarm but I have to stand it up to measure the length, clip my spot with the scissors and then..

…. set the batting down to finish cutting it. I had to go through this twice today to cut batting. I know a lot of you have less quilting space than I do but I get frustrated at times and wish I had a large studio space like I did back in Marietta.

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  1. Wow, you are a busy little bee!!! You must have gotten rested up on your little trip. Welcome home. I need to get some quilting done too before my cousin arrives on Friday. We will be spending most of our sewing away.Diane in Alaska

  2. Mary, Welcome back!! What I do with my batting, having the same problem you have, is once a week, usually on Sat, I’ll cut all the battings I need for the week. Then I can hide the batting back in the closet and don’t have to be messing with it again.Karen L

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