Here’s a list for you

Do I need to start a new project?

Do I need to spend the afternoon in the HOTTEST room in the house, standing over a hot iron when the A/C isn’t working?

Do I need to make string blocks from yardage when I have bins overflowing with them?

The answer to all the above is NO but in spite of that I was ready to use the basket of RWB fabric I’d pulled from stash 3-4 months ago intending to make a wonky rail fence.

The A/C guy has been back for the 2nd time today and it finally seems to be working – just in time for me to leave and meet Keith downtown for dinner.


  1. Thanks for this post! I’m not sticking to my “to do list” so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. Hope the AC is fixed:)

  2. I’ve made several of these “crazy rail” quilts. I really like them. I made some extra and cut them in half and sewed them end to end to make the border (with a plain border first, then the pieced one and then another plain one) Pretty cool! no pun intended!!

  3. Hi, I really like reading your Blog, I read it everyday. Would you put together a quick tutorial on making your wonky rail fence blocks? I think it looks great. Your Chesty dog is so cute.

  4. I wish we needed A/C here across the state, its really cold. I’m tempted to turn the heat back on…..I’ll just put on more clothes after all its June!!Karen L

  5. Love your quilt blocks. That is exactly the design that I hope to be making whenever I get caught up with my projects!Bonnie in Tx.

  6. how fun is that! good for you to just play with something fun and new Mary…glad to hear the a/c is back working.

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