Barbara’s RWB top

I finished the binding and labeled this donated top from Barbara last night. Once I finish my RWB Rails both of these Quilts of Valor will go to Alycia. The quilting on this one was simple – stars and loops. You might be able to see some of the stars in the larger blocks if you click to enlarge the photo but for the most part the quilting here just adds texture.

If you want to help Alycia hit her goal of 100 Quilts of Valor for 2009, visit her blog. I had some comments asking what size quilts she wanted – I’d suggest you check with her – I emailed her about the RWB Rails quilt and she responded quickly.

5 thoughts on “Barbara’s RWB top

  1. What an inviting photo Mary! I’m sure it is no contes that wehn you have a quilt draped over, you have the prettiest patio on the block!I imagine you will spend some time propped up with a good book out on the patio soon. 🙂 If so set up the tripod for a self pic!Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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