It’s OK to play

Remember that SNL skit called Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley? I decided last night my daily affirmation needs to be “It’s OK to play”.

I love the work I do with HeartStrings and quilting in general but sometimes I let it feel like a job (with lots of overtime!). I don’t work so of course I still want to contribute and be productive but I need to give myself permission to take time off without feeling guilty. Between my move and all the recent and upcoming trips I’ve been stressing about not getting enough quilting done. So starting today – I’m going to wake up each morning and tell myself “It’s OK to play”.

Well, maybe starting tomorrow – this morning I quilted this string top donated by Barbara – here’s just a peek at the heart quilting. I took a class with Jamie Wallen and he used these swirly hearts with feathers and fills but I decided they’d make a nice overall quilting pattern and connected them with loops. (Click photo for a larger view).

I also started making blocks for my RWB top last night – they’re slightly wonky unintentionally but I think they’ll work fine. I just need some practice at regular piecing for a change.


  1. Love the quilting. So pretty!I am very curious how you will strip piece your RWB top. Please share the details as you assemble it. Thanks!

  2. Mary I’d love to see a larger view of the quilting, I’d like to see how the hearts are connected. I like those swirlly hearts and think I could maybe make them. Your quilting inspires me and I love to see it when you try something new. I have a HQ16 that I just don’t use like I should because of fear and procrastination. I know I just need to do it, and your posts help me believe I can. Thanks!

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