Another one finished

This was a top donated to HeartStrings by Deborah and I finished up the binding and labeled it last night. It’s very sweet looking in the 30’s prints. I don’t have very ambitious plans for quilting today – hopefully I’ll get a binding on the last one I quilted and get another one loaded on the longarm.

I wanted to mention a series I’m reading by Bernard Cornwell. I’m on the 2nd book in the series and once I got past all the unfamiliar names of people and places, I’ve really been enjoying this historical series he calls the Saxon Stories. In fact, I stayed up all last night reading – seriously, I was up until 5AM.

I’ve seen his books around forever but for some reason never picked one up. Don’t you LOVE finding a new author and having tons of books to go back and read? I’m especially fond of historical fiction and books that come in series – I enjoy reading about the same characters and series are like one long book that doesn’t end.

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4 thoughts on “Another one finished

  1. I have always loved 30’s fabrics.. and after I get my boarder done for my 1930s BOM quilt, I know just exactly what I am gonna do with the scraps! I love the fresh crisp white centers – perfect! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Perhaps I will make 2 at the same time for each of my girls to have on twin beds one day. ~bonnie


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