I finished the binding on this HeartStrings quilt and it’s labeled and waiting to be washed but first I have to do the mounds of laundry waiting in preparation for my trip on Wednesday.

These blocks were pieced by Kate North in England, assembled by Barbara in FL, and then sent to me to quilt and finish. I showed a closeup of the heart quilting a few days ago. I get such a kick out of working on these group quilts that are the efforts of more than one quilter.

That’s the 2nd thing checked off my short *to do* list this week. In between other household tasks, I’ll try to piece some blocks, trim the Roman Stripes quilted yesterday, and possibly load another quilt – we’ll see.


  1. It looks great, Mary – so nice to see those blocks being used and not just sitting around my house. Also, this quilt is even more of a group project than you thought – some of those blocks are from a swap of string blocks and have been pieced by a number of other quilters!

  2. Shall hike the laundry mountains together dear friend?? 😉 We plan to leave this Friday night and drive straight thru to KY (16 hours) and I can’t begin to pack until all the laundry is clean.The good side is that I know when we come home form Kentucky all of it will be clean and ready to just simply unpack form the suitcase as my step mom lets me wash ours in with hers the whole week we are there. 🙂Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. Oh I have had a lot of catching up to do! I love the new banner with Chesty. Summer haircut & all!Lovely quilting ideas, & I will have to come back to check everything out. I have been so busy sewing!

  4. Ok, so maybe I missed it, but where does Chesty go when you travel? Just curious. I like this heartstrings one. I just finished an “M” string quilt for the raffle at my work in the fall. Thanks for introducing me to the world of string piecing!

  5. No matter how many of these HeartStrings quilts that you show us, I just love everyone one of them. They are so striking! I really like this one with the sashing, I will have to do that with my next one. Which should be pretty soon as my scrap bin is getting pretty full. *s*

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