One last finish

I finished binding and labeled this donation top from Barbara in FL last night. I showed a closeup of the leaf quilting a couple days ago – a pantograph called Lush Leaves from Lorien Quilting.

Today I’ll pack for my trip, take Chesty to boarding and I’ll work on my the blocks for my RWB quilt. I’m not taking the laptop with me to FL so I probably won’t be blogging although Keith will have his if I find I can’t get through the day without a blog post. See you Saturday.

15 thoughts on “One last finish

  1. Love the soft look of this quilt!Mary, my “non-greenthumb-friend” your flowers are beautiful! Be sure to water them and maybe move them to a shady/non-windy spot before you leave. They are really looking good!Have a great time in FloridaPam@


  2. Love your Banner! Congrats in figuring out how to do it! (I still can’t figure it out)!Your quilts are ALL just beautiful! Love your color choices and your little friend is adorable!Quilting Hugs, Mary


  3. Hello Mary, This quilt is really beautiful and you done a great job quilting it :0)Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about my Patriotic Strings quilt. That picture you had of your quilt was my inspiration – LOL! Too funny! Yes, I’m going to enjoy this quilt, and I think it will make a wonderful 4th of July quilt!Hugs,Susan


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