Sunday progress report

  • No fabric purchased.
  • I finished two donated HeartStrings quilts – both had backings from my stash.

Keith and I went on a 16 mile bike ride this afternoon but I really struggled to finish it. I can’t seem to tolerate strenuous exercise (biking up hills) without triggering an arrhythmia and becoming symptomatic. I’ve had problems in the past so it’s probably time to visit the cardiologist again – unfortunately.

9 thoughts on “Sunday progress report

  1. Hope you feel better and it’s nothing too serious. stop going uphill please. We look forward to hearing from you every day. Because of a problem with my calf muscles I have devised a route around my very hilly neighborhood that is pretty flat-it’s far from 16 miles though. Wow, that’s a lot of miles.


  2. Mary Mary Mary. You don’t need a lecture, do you? 😉 THAT is quite a trek. Please make that appointment soon!!! This world needs you!!!LOVE the picture of your bike in the field of yellow “flowers.” Very sweet!


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