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First – in the mail today – a postcard from my cousin Mary Ann. We’re doing a family postcard exchange every month and the theme for June was Summer. Cute isn’t it?

I’m running around trying to get ready to leave again tomorrow (more laundry and packing) but as soon as I get off the computer I’m going to load a donated HeartStrings top and try to get it quilted. I’d also like to make more blocks for my RWB quilt which is progressing slowly but at least I’ve gotten more strips and rectangles cut so hopefully if I don’t get to it today, I can make some progress when I get home from Virginia.

Thanks for all the comments and concern – I’m not worried too much about the arrhythmia although I may have to go back on some medication. I did get an appointment with a cardiologist for next Monday but I’m having trouble chasing down my previous medical records. The practice in GA closed and I have several phone calls out to the Health System trying to find them.

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  1. As if you NEED more stress when there’s a heart issue involved… DUH! May your phone calls be returned promptly and with positive responses!Love the RWB project!

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