Bored…bored…bored! I’m so bored!

I’m really tired of my own company and eating dinner every night on my own. Luckily, I just have two more days to get through until I leave to meet Keith in Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday.
Last night I put a binding on the last quilt finished, made a few more blocks for the RWB quilt and loaded this donated top from Barbara on the longarm. This afternoon I quilted it with the leaves panto I already had on the table. With the busy floral print, I decided leaves would work just fine.

Sunday progress report:

  • I got through my *to do* list which involved quilting two tops, binding two other quilts and starting my 2nd RWB quilt and have been cutting fabric and making blocks for it.
  • I’ve been using stash for backings and the RWB quilt and didn’t purchase any this week.

This week’s list is very light since I’m going out of town and I’ve already started marking things off.

  • Quilt one HeartStrings top
  • Bind one quilt
  • Work on my RWB blocks

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We’re missing Keith

I hate it when he travels over a weekend!

Chesty and I decided to go to the park this afternoon and walked along some new paths along the river. We have a small park right down the block but there are other ones scattered up and down the river so this afternoon we went a little north.

I’ve been wanting to change my blog banner for a while but I couldn’t make myself take down the photo of Chesty until today. Let me know what you think of the new one. Can’t you see me sitting in that chair on the deck reading (with a glass of wine of course!)

Another one finished

This was a top donated to HeartStrings by Deborah and I finished up the binding and labeled it last night. It’s very sweet looking in the 30’s prints. I don’t have very ambitious plans for quilting today – hopefully I’ll get a binding on the last one I quilted and get another one loaded on the longarm.

I wanted to mention a series I’m reading by Bernard Cornwell. I’m on the 2nd book in the series and once I got past all the unfamiliar names of people and places, I’ve really been enjoying this historical series he calls the Saxon Stories. In fact, I stayed up all last night reading – seriously, I was up until 5AM.

I’ve seen his books around forever but for some reason never picked one up. Don’t you LOVE finding a new author and having tons of books to go back and read? I’m especially fond of historical fiction and books that come in series – I enjoy reading about the same characters and series are like one long book that doesn’t end.

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I had some questions about how I’m making the Mary’s Triangles (they’re really called that) for my RWB quilt.

I found this site today which shows the same method as I’m using except instead of the small squares and rectangles for the blue and beige, I’m making short strip sets. I’m also not making my blocks oversized, I decided on 5 inch finished blocks and although my book has a table with cutting directions for different sizes, I found this website that has a formula for calculating the size to cut the squares and rectangles. Each of the combinations below makes 2 blocks and they go really quickly.

These are my first few blocks…I’ll have more variety in the fabrics as I get more blocks made. I also had a question about how I’ll assemble the blocks – if you follow the link above for my RWB quilt, you’ll see there are 4 distinct quadrants in the quilt. I’ll assemble each one separately like I’ve started below and then sew the 4 sections together.
And for Debbi who wanted to see how I connected my hearts on the quilt from this morning…I just used loops between them.

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It’s OK to play

Remember that SNL skit called Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley? I decided last night my daily affirmation needs to be “It’s OK to play”.

I love the work I do with HeartStrings and quilting in general but sometimes I let it feel like a job (with lots of overtime!). I don’t work so of course I still want to contribute and be productive but I need to give myself permission to take time off without feeling guilty. Between my move and all the recent and upcoming trips I’ve been stressing about not getting enough quilting done. So starting today – I’m going to wake up each morning and tell myself “It’s OK to play”.

Well, maybe starting tomorrow – this morning I quilted this string top donated by Barbara – here’s just a peek at the heart quilting. I took a class with Jamie Wallen and he used these swirly hearts with feathers and fills but I decided they’d make a nice overall quilting pattern and connected them with loops. (Click photo for a larger view).

I also started making blocks for my RWB top last night – they’re slightly wonky unintentionally but I think they’ll work fine. I just need some practice at regular piecing for a change.

Two things checked off my *to do* list for the week

I’m done with the binding and label on this quilt – the photo doesn’t show just how cute it is.

After playing with EQ this afternoon, I’m going with this off center design which gives me the size I want although I might switch the red and blue sides. I’ve also read the instructions for making the block and rather than cut individual squares and rectangles I’m going to do some strip piecing – should be much easier. I’m using a 5 inch block and if I get too tired of making the blocks….it might end up with fewer blocks and a border!