Let’s blame it on Vicki

Mom and I met VickiW and her mom this afternoon at the quilt shop and then had lunch together. It’s such fun being able to see other bloggers when I travel!

At the quilt shop Vicki and I saw a cute quilt that she can make with a Layer Cake bundle she has at home but I had to find some fabric to make my version of it too….wonder who will finish first?
I updated my Shelfari list and did some browsing – Samantha had this book on her shelf – The Ten-Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer so I downloaded it to the Kindle to read on vacation next week. (Yes – another trip!)

15 thoughts on “Let’s blame it on Vicki

  1. HI Mary, those fabrics are stunning. I can’t wait to see the quilt. Yes, please let us know what fabric line it is!


  2. Yeah right…she twisted your arm..LOL.The fabrics are beautiful…I’ll look forward to seeing what you both do…and who does it first!


  3. LOVE the fabrics and would really like to know what the line is … please share. Also interested in knowing how you like your Kindle. I’m soooo tempted to invest in one of those but would love to hear pro/cons from someone who actually uses one! Please share that info, too! Linda


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