Sunday Progress report

Not much to report as far as progress goes – one HeartStrings top quilted this week before heading to Virginia, I helped Mom make a donation top while I was there, and today – I finally unpacked the last boxes in my sewing room and spent some time organizing the closet in there.

I did purchase 9 and 1/2 yards of fabric to make a version of this quilt – a set of fat quarters and some yardage of 4 other fabrics.

I’m not setting any goals for this week – I’ll be busy getting ready for our trip to Vancouver and the Alaskan cruise and we leave Thursday morning. So anything I get done will be a bonus.

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  1. I’ve been rearranging and organizing my sewing room this weekend, too, but NOT in anticipation of an Alaskan cruise!!! Zowie! Have a great time and I can’t wait to see pics!

  2. Hi Mary,That quilt pattern looks like a good one to use to bust some stash. Would you show us the fabrics you are going to use? And…I am going on an Alaskan cruise next week too. We leave from Seattle on Sat. on the Norwegian Star. Wouldn’t it be funny if we were on the same ship. But oh how frustrating that we wouldn’t have our sewing machines!!!!

  3. Sorry, been catching up on reading my blogs after being away for the long weekend. I just scrolled down and saw the fabrics you are using for Vicki’s quilt. The first word that comes to mind to describe them is “fresh”. Can’t wait to see it finished and knowing you, it will be sooner rather than later!

  4. Have a great time, Mary!I was on the cruise last summer. I live in Seattle and it was my first time to Alaska. It was beautiful! the wild life, scenery are amazing. And, oh, by the way… there is a great little quilt shop in Sitka, right by the Russian Orthodox church, and another inside the big old building in Ketchikan…just in case you need a fix. Sounds like you’re leaving out of Vancouver, a beautiful city!I think right about the time I found your blog,( and blogs in general) you had just been to Seattle. I’ve enjoyed your mussings and been amazed at your prolific output ever since. I hoped I’d read about you coming back to Seattle someday, maybe a chance to meet at the Market or something…Vancouver is closer than Minnesota, but no cigar!I know you’ll have a wonderful time!Kathy DB

  5. I may have missed it, but what is the pattern for Vicki’s quilt? It’s way cute! Thanks

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