A couple photos

Anyone who’s been on a cruise knows I’m sure that they take lots of photos and post them for sale. For the most part we didn’t participate in the group photos but we did get one as we came on board the ship and one of my sons at dinner one night.

Left to Right – Chris, Becky (my DIL), Mary, Adam, & Keith
Chris & Adam


  1. Your sons are very handsome. How wonderful to take a family vacation together. Hope Chesty does not have to have surgery.

  2. I think that Adam and Keith look quite a bit alike. You have a very lovely family. Becky is so pretty!Glad that you had a wonderful time. I love the picture of you with your head thrown back in wild abandonment! lolNow you get to the doctor and get that heart checked! I hope that Chesty can heal without any surgery being needed. Has he forgiven you yet for being away so long?

  3. Welcome home Mary. Wasn’t it wonderful! I saw your ship in Scagway…I waved but I don’t think you saw me (LOL). Back to reality huh? I woke up Sunday morning at home and was shocked that I had to cook my own breakfast.

  4. You have such handsome sons. I know how much you must enjoy spending time with them and watching them enjoy each other. Are you back to reality yet?

  5. Nice pictures. Chris looks like you, and Adam looks like Keith. My kids are like that too. One is and looks like me, and one is and looks like hubby.

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