Chesty’s home

And he’s not too pleased with me. After an enthusiastic greeting, he’s sitting with me but ignoring me at the same time.

He’s got another few days on the anti-inflammatory medication, another week on crate rest and then we’ll see how he does. If the lameness returns (he was walking OK today) after that, we have to make an appointment for him to be evaluated by the surgeon. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Today is catch up day – mail, email, laundry, and cleaning so I won’t get any closer to my sewing machine today other than packing up my table and rearranging the sewing room for company that comes on Thursday. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be really busy so I don’t expect to get any sewing done this week.

My Sunday progress and stashbusting report consists entirely of the purchase of one kit while I was in Alaska which contains a *glacier* pattern and lots of blues. I’m leaning toward designing my own quilt rather than using the pattern but we’ll see. No fabric used, no progress made.

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  1. Mary, it’s good to have you back! Our cats give us the same treatment when we have been gone. First, it’s all purrs and cuddles, but soon the cold treatment begins. They get over it.Hope Chesty will be okay and won’t require surgery.

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, I was reading yours yesterday too. I think I have seen that glacier pattern is it by Lisa Moore? If that one is it, it is very beautiful.I grew up in Juneau, so I know that the cruise scenery was spectacular.Rebecca

  3. Glad you’ve made it back. You need to take a photo of the pattern so we can see it too. I just finished another string quilt, 2 actually. I am glad I learned this technique from you!!

  4. Hope Chesty’s knee will be ok. Honey has one kneecap that is way off centre, but the vet said to leave it, as it doesnt seem to bother her, she has learned to ‘live around it’.Just like kids, they have a little sulk.

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